Rendering geometries in custom control render method


Is there special things to setup to render a geometry into a control without adding it to the scenegraph?

I have a list of geometry, if i attach them to the guiNode everything is ok but if i just try to render them in the render method of my control…rm.renderGeometry(myGeom)…nothing is displayed…

I thought there was something with the material but if it’s ok in the scenegraph, why it is not with render?

I have not found any documentation to custom rendering, have i missed something?

How is the render method supposed to be called when you don’t attach the spatial to the scenegraph? This isn’t magic…

Hum sorry, i was not clear enough.

I have a rootNode attached to the scenegraph with the control attached to it and i want this control to render other geometries that are not attached to this node.

I don’t have any error, the render method is well called for each of my geometry but nothing to see ^^.

Look at the BulletDebugAppState.

Ok, good example but not exactly the same case cause it use renderScene with a custom viewport which doesn’t exists for rendergeometry method.

Anyway, i think i need the updateGeometricState somewhere.

Ok, i’ve got something displayed. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile: