Rendering hiccups

I have issue with windowed mode vsync/limit framerate mode. It works reasonably well (limiting to 60fps), but animation has strange hiccups once per few seconds. Simplest testcase is TestSpatialAnim. When running in full screen vsyn, boxes are moving perfectly smooth. When running in windowed mode, each few seconds they will jerk around - not sure if jumping ahead or bit back, but it is very visible.

I have same issue with my camera control - when flying over terrain, it gets these annoying jumps - but in this case it is even bit more often (sometimes twice per second even).

I have added printouts to tpf - it looks reasonably stable, plus in both cases there is a compensation for that.

When running in ‘infinite fps’ mode (thousands per second), there is no such effect. Same goes for full screen in vsync mode - everything is perfectly smooth there.

So first question would be if anybody sees the same effect on their PC? If yes, what is causing these jumps?

I limit frame rate to 90fps and have never seen the issues you are reporting.

I think I have the same “issue” on my macbook. Small hiccups when in window-mode + vsync.