Rendering not just models


I have a question, and I really hope you can help me with it;

I have implemented with JOGL and java a particle system that behaves like clothes/deformable stuff…

I’m rendering it directly with opengl (GLVertex3d(x,y,z)) particle by particle…

My problem is, I need to render the clothes in a scene (right now you can see them floating in a black space) like a garden or something, so i have to be able to load a model (the house, the garden) and still be able to render my clothes . Is this possible with JMonkeyEngine??

Where do I integrate my render method??

I hope you can understand my problem…sorry for my bad English :S

You cannot mix JOGL with jMonkeyEngine3, you don’t access OpenGL directly in jME

OK, but is there a way to do it? maybe with some other engine or something? what would you use to do something like that?

Well you started using vanilla JOGL in the first place so you will have to carry on like that.

No, i can translate the algorithms to any object-oriented language…my problem is the model inclusion…any idea? :S

If you wrote the algorithm then you probably know what you’re doing, just read all the tutorials on the wiki and you should be good to go.