hi guys,

can i know what rendering methods JME has?? at least that is different from other java game engines

ps:im really new to JME 8O

Hi there, @jimmy5. Can you give some examples of what you means by rendering methods? Have you taken a look at some of the demos?

Perhaps this page will help?


example: java3d uses 3 different rendering modes, which is immediate, retained and compiled-retained rendering mode ( The Java 3D Execution and Rendering Model ). I wonder if JME has something similar or different.


ive seen that site, i dont think it has the info that i want :confused:

By the terms specified in that site, jME3 uses “retained mode” by default. For certain situations you can use “immediate mode”. For example, the nifty gui implementation uses such immediate mode as it doesn’t construct a scene graph but renders geometries directly with the RenderManager

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