RenderState + Clone

Hi all,

I have masses of grassblades that I wish to clone, I have done that successfully, but when it comes to applying a texture to them, it doesn’t happen. The texture is simply not rendered. Is this a bug or something intentional?

never mind, its sorted, you apply the texture to the CloneNode node, not the Clone itself!

Just so I understand. Clones cannot have different textures from each other even if the geometry is the same?

That’s right. Clone was quickly put together several months ago before many of the latest features of jME. I imagine the idea of geometric data reuse will be revisited in the future and a better solution created.

I think of clones as "perfect" clones. Like minime from auston powers. You can only shrink its size , change its location, and move em about. Thats its. Nothing more, nothingless. :smiley: