RenderStates for TriMeshes


I think my question is fairly simple and probably answered with a yes or no.  Imagine that I am creating 20 boxes with 20 different random MaterialStates.  If I wanted to loop over the boxes and see what state was applied to each box, is there a way?

More concretely, I'm loading in a .jme model that has Materials applied to it.  I need to access those materials and change them based on certain users settings.  Is there anyway to view them before I set them?

On a similar topic, I want to get all the active lights and their properties from the DisplaySystem.  How do I get that?


for accessing the material state:

MaterialState ms = (MaterialState) model.getRenderState(RenderState.RS_MATERIAL);

Great it was an easy question. 

How about the active lights?  Can I get that from the renderer or would that be the rootNode I pull the light information from?


Found it.  Thanks

Would you mind posting a link to where you found it or how you did it? (in case some other person in the future finds this thread)

yeah, I just used the rootNode.getRenderState(RenderState.RS_LIGHTSTATE), but I plan on using some of the built in Light features as I advance.