RenParticleEditor - only runs in debug

hi there,

i have a strange problem with RenParticleEditor. when i just launch it from within eclipse (latest cvs) or the webstart version, the glCanvas does not update.

however when i debug it in eclipse and set a breakpoint anywhere in it's constructor, but ouside the new thread, even one that is never hit, as in the catch,  it runs fine.

i can even launch it without a breakpoint, and it won't work, but when i add a breakpoint during runtime [Thread-2] is suddenly created and the animation is shown. when i don't add a breakpoint [Thread-2] will never show up and thus the canvas will not be updated.

i'm running arch linux 0.7.2 with kernel & jdk 1.5.0_06.

any idea what could be causing this? thanks.

the particle editor is currently undergoing renovations, so I'm going to have to table this until that is finished…  Keep checking back though.

thanks and keep up the good work!  :slight_smile:

Thank the guys at Three Rings, they have been very kindly donating back some improvements in that area. :slight_smile:

hey guys at three rings… thanks!  :smiley: