Repeated detail texture to a spatial


I would like to set a detail texture to my object (spatial).

Setting a basic texture is no problem but it would be nice to have a detail texture. Not exactly, I would like to have more than setting the detail texture: setting the detail texture with repetitions which results in more detailed detail texture than having only one texture for the whole object. By the way I try to use this for ma terrain obj.


  • Is it possible to set repeated detail texture to a spatial? isn't it?
  • Is it possible to transform Spatial -> Geometry => setDetailTexture by invoking copyTextureCoordinates(0,0,1,80)?!
  • What are alternative solutions? TextureSplatting?


Look at the classes in jmetest with Terrain in their name, they are examples of how to do detail textures or texture splatting in jME.

In general, if you need jME to do something for you, look in jmetest, it might be already there in a demo class with documented source code. Then you can decide for yourself if you like detail textures or texture splatting better.

That should answer your first and third questions. I'm afraid I haven't understood your second question though!

You are right. I will look at the examples first.