Request for Addition Chase Camera feature

Hey Renanse, I know you are still playing with the ChaseCamera, but I have a couple features I'd like to see.

I have the spring at the tension I like. But I can't control the length of the spring. That is, it's the perfect delay for following my car around, but it falls too far behind in distance. What I would like is the ability to set a hard limit to the amount of distance it can lag behind an object. That way, I can keep my current tension, but the camera will never get so far behind the car it's uncontrollable. A minimum distance would be cool too.

You may already have this capability in there, and I'm just too stupid to see it (that's why I posted in here, to limit the exposure to my ignorance :wink: )

Nah, you are right, it relies heavily on springs and thus there is no hard min or max.  I'll look into adding those.