Request for some GDE advice or source reference

Hey all,

This is probably geared more for @normen or @pspeed due to their forumn activity, but anyone with relevant information is more than welcome to chip in.

My learning curve has hit a snag, due to the fact that module development is a bit different than game development, and a copy of source .java files do not come with module libraries as they do with the general sdk. I am not really comfortable reading the .class files from the editor, for fear of misinterpreting, but I will soon do experimentation to move forward on my project.

The project I am working on is here: T0neg0d GUI Visual Editor

My problem mostly extends from lack of general experience, and that I don’t seem to be able to import the standard SDK libraries into a module. Rather, I have the option of including the jme3.gde libraries… which I can’t read very well due to my skill.

So, is there a desired standard that I should try to conform to? (in addition to the Netbeans ones, of course)
Is there a repository for the gde module source so that I can comfortably read the .java files?

Any help would be appreciated, I’m getting back to my experimentation now.

Game On,
Charles Anderson

Ah, it’s one of those lol moments… I found the module I was looking for under “SDK Engine”. I should be able to set up what I need, now. Onwards!