Request: Nifty examples source

Hi All,

I am trying to reverse-engineer the nifty console example, but locating the sources has proven quite hard… Much of nifty still seems like black magic to me…

If someone knows where to find them, I would be interested.

I have downloaded the sources from ( and searched the wiki, forum and JME download ):

Index of /nifty-maven-repo/lessvoid/nifty-examples/1.3


and none of these packages contain classes such as de.lessvoid.nifty.controls.console.controller.ConsoleControl which is listed in nifty-console.xml as the controller for the console.

I am also aware of but this doesn’t really answer my question. I want to dissect the inner workings of the console, dispel the magic… It’s gotten personal.

Also for future reference, It would be great if the nifty example sources were delivered with JME and not just the .class files.

For now, I will try to decompile the examples, but I was hoping to have the official sources… I always feel a bit dirty ( not in the good way ) when I decompile something…

… And if by any chance you read this Void. THANK YOU for this brilliant contribution, I do love nifty, but even having read the bible, I am still not able to grasp more comples elements such as the console…

The ConsoleControl is in the default controls package. You can get a snapshot jar from the maven site here: Index of /nifty-maven-repo/lessvoid/nifty-default-controls/1.3

You can also get the source for Nifty straight from the git repository at the nifty-gui sourceforge site: nifty-gui download |


Prompt and accurate answer. Cheers!