Request the tittle of developer

I would like to request that I be given the tittle of developer for jme. I have spent a large amount of time developing the jogl renderer. I know that mojo wants to wait to implement it because of the update to .9, but that dose not change it’s future use and the fact that mojo told me to continue writhing it.

Is there any particular benefit to being a developer for jme (aside from the dental plan? ;)) All useful user submitted code that implements a feature on the core feature list is already immediately considered for inclusion in the appropriate version. Code that doesn’t match to a core feature is still shareable in the forums. So, coding efforts do not require developer status.

Developer status indicates a responsibility to keep jME on task, ensure a high level of code quality and performance, provide a certain level of community support and promote its use in an appropriate manner.

Your time spent on getting jogl to work is appreciated and yet it was done at a time when we clearly stated it would not yet be used… In fact, the port would probably have been easier or at least different if you had waited for the .9 changes to the code base. We may use your donated code for jogl or we may have to rewrite it once .9 is done, it’s too early to know at this point, but it would certainly have been more useful if you had waited for .9 and then worked on the port. Your code also makes changes to dozens of core classes without running most (any?) of those changes by any of the current developers. These lapses of communication would make it hard to be a team player and thus an effective developer per the definition I gave above.

Don’t get me wrong, I think your contributions are useful, as are the many many contributions received from dozens of other users of jME. Keep up the good work. But IMHO (and it’s obviously not my call to do more than give a recommendation) I just don’t see any reason you would need developer status to continue your current efforts effectively.

I wouldn’t mind a compromise like “jogl developer” or “Jogl coder” for instance once the JOGL part hits the core. In the past, the site listed people and their area of contribution, which seems fair.

Having a web page listing areas of actual core level contribution would indeed be a good idea.

I’m just going to reiterate a lot of what Renanse said, but basically, developer status is more than just code contribution. It’s doing a lot of high level maintainence and design. This is going to be kept as a core team.

As for the JOGL port. As you know JOGL support is scheduled for the future and your’s will almost definately be used. You will be given full credit and your @author tag (if you put it on the code, if not do that now), will be left intact. 0.9’s optimization may change somethings, but there should be only a few changes to low level classes (i.e. LWJGL* classes), those changes will be communicated to you so that you can easily make them in the JOGL port.

There will be no additional Developers added to the team for the time being, in fact, I’m probably going to have to remove that title from a couple people who haven’t been on in a long time. There is a title of jme.contributor that allows better control of the issue tracker (attaching and editing code within that context), which may be appropriate.

Having a web page listing areas of actual core level contribution would indeed be a good idea.

Yes, and that page will return.

First I started the jogl port a few weeks before the plan of .9 was posted and posted my progress on the form a week before .9 was posted. Mojo then said that I should continue working on it for jme evan after .9 was posted. I did most of the work after mojo said to do it so I was doing it for jme.

A compromise tittle such as "junior coder" would be fine with me.

Do you mean you want the title on the forum? Or is there something else you are looking for?

I mean being given a tittle that states I am a small part of the group that makes jme instead of just being a user that happens to contribute a little code. I have spent a large amount of time programming for jme and would like to be recognized.

Don’t worry, your contributions will be noted on the contributors page along with everyone else who has donated large sections of code to the project. This should give you the recognition you are looking for.