Requesting showcase footage/screenshots

I have a few friends that will help out making a new Jmonkey showcase video that will hopefully be put somewhere prominent such as the front page to spice it up a little. There is plenty of footage and screenshots in the monthly threads and searching youtube, but it would be very much appreciated if you could post some flashy show-off videos and pictures so they can be sewn together.

HD format is preferred (1280x720 or 1920x1080) - i doubt theres enough 4K to go any higher. Sound is great but fine if not. There will be a song throughout i expect. In regards to length of footage, as much as possible! But even a 10-20 second snippet will be great as long as its impressive.


We are always glad to help :slight_smile: If our material is ok, being a remake rather than own production:


Is it still valid?
If so, I can make some short video of Skullstone.


Yes, please do :slight_smile:

How? I have something that I’m trying to upload to a friends server. Or should I put it on Youtube?

YouTube is fine. Or any file host, really.

go nuts: James Mundy - YouTube


My first Asteroid3D upload. I’ll get it up on Github sometime.