Requesting to merge pull request

I’ve made some documentation fix in this pull request. Mesh point doc fix by quazi-irfan · Pull Request #664 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

It would be a nice boost of motivation for me if it gets accepted. Also, I would appreciate constructive feedback to improve the pull request.


Sorry, I saw your PR a while ago and wanted to check the pointSize method in Mesh but was unable to check at the moment…
Then I forgot…
I merged your PR
Don’t hesitate to ping us here for PRs.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Discuss on the forums first and include the forum post link in the comment.

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oh my… now I understand why my pr was ignored.

Last month I was studying all Filters, then I noticed this thread.

No one replied, so I digged the source code myself. I find that it’s real, these three attributes did no saved in read and write method.

//positional attributes
private Vector3f center;
private float radius;
private AreaShape shapeType = AreaShape.Circular;

I report this #issue 654, after that I made a PR to modify is.

What’s more, I made a translation of

Add Chinese translation for

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