Researchers build system that can predict object properties from video like humans

Recently a MIT research team created a system named “Galileo” that can infer physical properties of an object and predict the outcome of interaction between different type of objects. This system learns from video feed, and also uses Bullet physics engine to simulate the event internally, and finally it uses deep learning algorithm to improve the prediction.

Details news can be found here : MIT News.

At the bottom of the page, there is a online test you can take. It shows you a video of an object falling down on a ramp and hitting another object. You have to predict which object is heavier, and then you can ask what ‘Galileo’ thinks, and then you can check the result.

To my surprise sometimes Galileo got the right one where I couldn’t. But sometimes it failed miserably. It’s fun nonetheless. :smiley:


I wish I could upload my own videos then ask it. 10 isn’t really a lot.