Reset AnimationChannel

Hi all, is there a way to reset to bind position only bones affected by an animation channel? Calling subsequent animations on the same animation channel, causes my animations to overlap, with no reset between them. I tryed:

animControl.setAnimation(left, "<bind>");

where animControl is a MeshAnimationController and left is an animationChannel, but this resets to bind position all of the skeleton, and not only the bones affected by the animationChannel.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You should restrict the other channels so they don't effect the bones for the channel you want the bind anim on.

I actually managed to solve the problem, but i had to change jme code. My other channels already didn't affect bones involved in the animation I tryed to reset. The problem is that jme code resetted all of of the root bones, no matter what channel you specified. I probably overkilled it, as there must be a simpler solution…