Resetting animation timer cinematics

Is there any way to reset the cinematics timer to the beginning? If I use cinematic.setTime() to 0 it goes to the beginning but all the events changes such as coloring materials will remain the same. I am looking at something that undos everything or simply deletes everything and re-reads te cinematic buffer.

And that’s where it becomes hacky… Is there anyway to clear the rootnode from everything and restart the reading (I.e. restart cibematics all over) without having to keep track of each event etc

@nightwolf911 said:
And that's where it becomes hacky...

What's hacky? correctly implementing the event?
setTime(0) should reset the event to its initial state, period.
@nightwolf911 said:
all the events changes such as coloring materials will remain the same.

There is no built in event that changes material. So I guess you did your own?
If you do, each event is responsible of what's happening in the setTime method. Make sure setTime(0) resets the initial state of your event.

just to be clear I am using the built in function setTime() and did not write my own.

all I am trying to do is when user press restart:

1- Detach all children from rootNode( assuming that there’s no delete)

2- Detach all sub-nodes from their parent nodes

3- Re-read the list of cinematic events from the original source (meaning re-create events as if I’m reading the file for the first time)

so when I try that logic the created nodes do restart in fact (go back to their original locations) as well as the timer, however when I try to re-play cinematic I got the channels null resulting in a null ptr.

is my isssue more clear? I got what you said about setTime(0) but what i’m attempting todo is much simpler (however still doesn’t work)