Resource impact of jme3


thank you both for calming me down :wink:

Well, I’m one of the uneducated people :open_mouth:

Basically I knew the working principle of jvm, but the pictures looked worse to me, than you consider them

Thank you for the flowers :wink:

I try to do my best, but I can’t stand upon nagging doubts. So thank you.

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You would be surprised how many times I’ve seen this complaint in discussions. They download Java app and discard it because OMG it used all my memory. Even in Steam. Somehow it matters to some. And they are just uneducated potatoes screaming. Their system is safe, the app is working, they can get their memory back :slight_smile: So this actually matters if you want to please all of your consumers. The question is that is this the kind of consumer you like to please…

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Well, I fell into the trap: OMG what happens to my memory …

but its ok, that jvm grabs from free memory. So no - I won’t set any limits. I’ll test a big job and if that runs ok, everything is fine for me.

I find myself sometimes asking dumb questions, so I have to stand that kind of questions too.
So its a challenge for me on how to learn to become smarter


There’s no such thing as a stupid question :slight_smile: This community is full of extremely educational discussions - most of which I’ve read through and learned something. A lot of what I know about game development is from this community.


Yes but you asked about it in constructive way instead of refunding the app and giving it a 1 star review for this reason. So for me you have earned your place in the gene pool :smiley: It was not meant to criticize your question, as I assume you didn’t take it as an offence. I merely wanted to make a point that this might have an impact on your product as well, so be prepared, as you now are :slight_smile:


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