Restructuring of categories

Discourse does not support Categories as mere “category containers” the way bbPress does. A category in Discourse must accept threads. (Parent category permissions overwrite children, so no trickery is possible here either).

So while bbPress can have a parent “Development” category without threads in it, Discourse cannot. This impacts the category dynamic, and I don’t think our current set-up plays well with this slightly different categories paradigm.

For starters I suggest we reform the Development category. Many of its sub-categories will be promoted to parents.

  • /c/development-discussion-jme3 → /c/development (consumes the current and becomes the new parent)
    • /c/summer-of-code
    • /c/workshop (to-be-retired)
    • /c/community-plugins (to-be-reformed)
  • /c/contribution-depot-jme3
  • /c/site-project
  • /c/documentation-jme3 → /c/documentation
  • /c/general

We also have a meaningless parent for Projects at the moment. Therefore:

  • /c/user-code-projects → /c/projects (becomes new Projects parent)

If I don’t hear any convincing arguments in the next 24hrs, I’ll apply these changes.

That sounds pretty sensible to me as I’ve not been around here long enough to have an opinion on why this would be wrong :smile:

It’s done. Direct your questions and blame to @DannyJo if something’s not working right :trumpet:

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