Resurrecting an ancient project

Hello jme community! I’ve been trying to get an old project to compile (it’s an old game that I used to play that has been open-sourced at GitHub - greyhavens/bang-game: Bang! Howdy game client, server and webapps.), and it seems like it uses jme 1.1, based on the pom.xml file. I’ve been searching for those jars or the source to build it all over, and can’t find them. Is there an archived version of the ancient releases of jme, or have they been lost in the mists of time?

I remember recently failing to find jme 2 for someone, and as far as I know there is no ‘official’ stored version.

I did find this though

I’m not entirely sure it’s jme 1, I was not around back then so have never seen it. Seems to include the files imported in that project.

Thanks! I downloaded those and moved them into my maven directories by hand, but apparently I don’t fully understand the build process, since I’m still running into a bunch of issues. Oh well, time to plug along.

In case anyone else stumbles across this thread in the future looking for the same thing, it appears that the link provided by JESTERRRRR is a copy of jme2. I’m basing this on the fact that it has the class BlendState rather than AlphaState, which I believe changed in the switch from 1 to 2. I believe that I’ve found a copy of jme1 at this location:

and am currently building it successfully.

Maybe @mojomonk still has a copy, since he’s the author? However… how about making it work with jme3 instead? :wink: