Returning focus to the browser from an Applet

Hello All,

Hopefully someone here can help me with this.  I'm fairly new to both Java and JMonkey but I've had a good look before asking…

I have an applet which extends BaseApplet and it uses a FirstPersonHandler for mouse control of the camera.  So far so good…  But how do I return focus to the browser when I'm done playing with the applet?  Currently the mouse pointer has disappeared and all mouse control is being passed to the applet.

displayParent seems to have a huge range of functions relating to focus…  But I have no idea which to use.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


The standart FirstPersonLook handler is not really desigend to work with applets, you probably have to build your own.

Basically ther are two ways: way1: you catch the mouse and the user has to use a exit menu or so to disable it again, so the browser gets focus again

way2: you use a hardware couror, but do not limit it to the applet, kinda like most flash applications ork, when the mouse is over the applet, the applet recives events from it, when it is nto over not, and the mouse is not forced to be inside the apllet region.

-> jme examples for that, there is one showing different ways of using a mouse.