Revenge of the Titans in HumbleBundle2 will go open source at 1.75M

Revenge of the Titan's will release its source code at 1.75M! - Wolfire Games Blog

Apparently the game is written in Java, so fellow javians, support the cause! It’s not 3D, but it’s no doubt a great resource for any budding Java game programmer curious about how a top notch game is put together. I bought the 2nd humble bundle myself a while ago actually, but I haven’t gotten around to playing yet, what with the yearly computer cleanup and all.

They made it!

The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is over! - Wolfire Games Blog

I’ve been playing the game and it’s quite the enjoyable little tower defense. Judging by their launch icon (well, some icon that appears at some point) I think they’re using LWJGL. In a short while, we’ll know for sure :slight_smile: