(reverse engineering request) How do they do that?

Hi all,

I’m working on a game involving a lot of blood.
I was proud of the result and my little dirty hacks on TerrainLighting and all until I saw this screenshot this morning :
(it’s from the upcoming Shadow Warrior)
Now I’m jealous.

Do you have any idea how they achieve such nice looking blood effects ?
My blood particle effects look so ugly compared to that :frowning:

they use real blood :smiley:

I suspect it’s still just particles… some of them are just more substantial particles.

Yes it’s probably just quads or particles, with some kind of magicness inside.
Maybe someone has a clue on how the magicness works ?

What ‘magicness’ do you mean? Particles can be tiny meshes, too… not just triangles and quads. I mean in the general sense… I don’t remember if JME supports multi-triangle particles or not.

It’s not difficult though.

yeah I’m pretty sure they really shotgunned real ninjas…I’d do it like that at least… :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s more impressive is the mesh deformation in the torso, the arm and all. the splatters are probably just particle emitters yeah.

nope we don’t.
That was one of the needed improvement of the “new” particle system. I think Tonegod’s and Tim’s PE system both supported it.

@pspeed : by ‘magicness’ I mean how they configure their particle systems to get such good results. I have absolutely no idea and I was hoping someone on this forum had a clue. Fine tuning particle systems is hard (at least for me).

EDIT: maybe using fluid meshes generated by blender in a particle system might help ?..

Well…they probably have incredible artists behind this. A big team with full time programmers, a lot of money and time…
It’s not just fine tuning a PE really.

So that’s just “professional work” :smile:
Thank you anyway guys.

hehe yes… as said, IMO the most difficult part in this image is the mesh deformation. Damn you can even see the spine in that hole in the chest…

Many dev. studios have people assigned to simply the task of making particle FX look good. I know Game-dev school courses dedicated to only just that.

Road Hog uses their own engine, found some details on the internets:

Sorry for the intervention, but could you please tell more about what happened to the plans to upgrade the particle system? Are we expecting it anytime soon?

Personal feelings got in the way at some point. Not mine though so I may get one of the system, or a mix of the 2, into the core at some point.
Neither of the authors are around anymore (or seldom around) so idk when this will be done though.