Rich text formatting, like with a markup language?


Say I wanted to make something like this:

Is there a way to easily do that; can I render text where the apperance is defined by some markup languge that can define text size, color, alignment, spacing, etc? Or how would you make something like in the image above?

Sure, you can set the text color, font etc. using NiftyGUI

@normen NiftyGUI does not seem to support any more text formatting than BitmapText does, only Nifty does it in XML. What I wanted though, and maybe I was not clear enough, is more advanced formatting. Like changing the size of, or using bold or italics on, a single word within a sentence. And I don’t know exactly what would be a good way to do the “Waist (big space, right alined ->) Plate” in the image, but it would be nice to be able to do that; maybe with some sort of table. :stuck_out_tongue: