Right click folder > New > Other > GUI > Font crashes SDK

I’ve tried several times with different fonts and sizes, etc. and it always freezes the SDK. It also fails to output anything. Anybody else having the same problem? If so, is there a fix? Thanks in advance.

Platform? Java version? Error output? Any funny fonts installed?

I’m using JDK1.7, no error output. It just totally freezes, and doesn’t close. I guess crash was poor word choice, it just completely locks up. I’m just trying to convert fonts that come with Windows.

Do you have the OpenGL window open when that happens? What is your OpenGL configuration in the SDK settings? Did you try using AWT panels? Freezes in the SDK are mostly caused due to lwjgl misbehaving.

No, no OpenGL window open. Not sure how to check the configuration of OpenGL. How do I use AWT panels?

Go to the main app settings, I guess File->Settings on windows? On mac settings are always apple-comma so I don’t know :wink:

This happened to me as well, actually. I created three fonts using Adobe’s Source Sans Pro font (normal) at 12, 16 and 24 px. At 16 and 24px it locked up the SDK and I had to force quit on OS X, but each time the font was there when I restarted it. At 12 it worked fine. No OpenGL window enabled, and this is literally a fresh ML install, so no weird fonts, no odd settings to any piece of software. Because I got all the fonts I needed I just kind of shrugged and went about my business. :slight_smile:

If it really freezes and not throws some exception theres few I can do as this hints at a deeper problem in the JDK. If there was an exception or error that’d be something I can investigate… But the fact that you had created those fonts would hint at an incompatibility with certain fonts I’d say…?

Maybe - I’m happy to try and recreate later tonight. Any suggestions on how to tease out exceptions? The SDK is completely unresponsive.

No, as I said, from the java developer perspective thats kind of a dead end :frowning: When exactly does it freeze? Can you put down the steps you take until it does?

Ugh, I can recreate it (I have a nicely frozen JME right now to show for it), but it’s not consistent that I can see.

What I did is I right-clicked on my existing Fonts folder in the project explorer and selected New -> Font. I scrolled through a few (this may be important) before selecting Source Sans Pro. I set it to 24px and named it SourceSansPro-tmp. When I clicked Finish, the wizard disappeared, the .fnt and .png showed up in the project explorer, but the IDE locked up before the new files were opened in the main view (which normally happens). Perhaps a race condition?

I ran jmonkeyplatform from terminal, hoping to see some output, but there is none. I’m a JEE software engineer for a living, so I’m going to try and debug further. Normally I have systems people that produce my heap dumps for me, but I think I can google my way to remembering how to do it for myself. :slight_smile: Give me a few and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.

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I’m not doing much but create the files, the rest is normal platform behavior. And as said a native crash is really strange. On the other hand the font system is closely tied to the OSs font system in java…


That’s the output from jstack (22k of text, 4k zipped, wasn’t sure if it was cool to include that much text in a forum post - I’m the new kid here :wink: ). A lot of WAITING (on object monitor), which may confirm my race condition hypothesis. Still digging a bit.

Thanks but I can’t see any causes for locks that I’d create… The OpenGL thread would be the only chance to really and the font creator doesn’t use it at all… Strange issue, try removing all fonts and check if you can find a real culprit if you have the time or leisure :wink:

Yeah, I’ll dig a bit more - it’s annoying but not a killer issue, not like I create all that many fonts. :slight_smile: Thanks!