RigidBody CollisionShape problem

Hi, everyone! i have a problem with creating physics for my mesh… I generate a mesh for world of boxes, and attach RigidBodyControl to it. The collision shape built with CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape. But i cant walk under boxes, if tunnel have one box height.

I enable debug mode for bulletAppState and this is what i see

A box world does not consist of boxes… This won’t work very well the way you do it anyway… Create a proper surface mesh and then generate the collision shape from that instead of stacking boxes…

i mean i create mesh, that looks like boxes… but this is many faces, built in one surface

so, it means i do all what you say… but result is on the picture

ok, i try to create CompoundCollisionShape from boxCollisionShape manualy… but the main problem is that i can’t walk under the “boxes”… player have a SphereCollisionShape( radius 2f) and box Side Size is 4f… so in logic i should be able to get through one box, but i can’t… :frowning:

Ok. the problem is solved.