RigidBody without angular data for springsystem nodes

I want to create a springsystem based on the jme2 version that can be integrated in jbullet, reason for not waiting for native softbody is because I’ld like an easy way to customize the system, and my c++ skills are non-existant.

Does anyone have tips when it comes to creating a RigidBody without angular computations, that can integrate into jbullet and jme3? I’m thinking a SphereCollisionShape for each node is the cheapest collision solution, any tips for other changes that make collisions cheaper? My goal, of course, is to reduce node computation to a bare minimum, since the nodecount will be high.

Any help will be rewarded with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Rendering of this will be of later concerns.


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Damn, why you have to be such a smartass :p. Thought I posted something difficult, took you about 2min to respond. I tested setAngularFactor, and it removes all hints of angular action :slight_smile:

In other words thanx :slight_smile:

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