Rigidbodycontrol floating

I am moving my BetterCharacterControl into a RigidBodyControl (a box). The box’s movement is erratic to say the least… When I walk into it, sometimes it will move in only one direction, it will suddenly move then stop, and so on (always remains purple in debug mode so I don’t think its being deactivated).

I am using
to stop it turning on the spot. I then added
[java]control.setDamping(1, 1);[/java]
and the movement became almost perfect, it moves exactly as I would like, except when i walk into one side at an angle, it starts to move upwards into the sky. I have set gravity to negative Y but nothing moves it back down.

What about the damping command is causing this? Removing this command stops it from flying.

Well, just a guess, but setting damping to 1, 1 is likely turning off all damping. I’ve never used bullet but usually damping is a scalar… so n * 1 = n… rather than n * 0.9 slowly damping.

Also remember you are a box now so you have all kinds of sharp and pointy bits. Unlike a capsule or a sphere, you are likely to catch a corner on everything.

I suppose it must be damping my gravity which is why it floats. Oh well I’ll look for another solution thanks anyway