Rim lighting dead link

Hello, am trying to do some caracter highlight in my game and after some searching i found a few links, but they are all broken :confused:

Is there a reason for it or is that a simple bug? If the Rim Lighting is not available anymore, is there any other solution? Thanks :smiley:

Edit : After some searching i found this : http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/sdk:plugin:shaderblow
Is that what it became or am just not looking at the right thing?
Edit on edit : most link are also dead on that page :confused:

After investigation, I found out that the library can still be accessed using the plugin function in JME and seem to be working fine. Tho most of the code is still on Google (at least on the first searching result page), it can be found. But it is really hard to tell what version is the good one and the shaderblow page is pretty much out-dated.

For example the ForceShieldControl is said to be using an assetManager and a float as argument, but it’s now using a Material as argument. I was able to make it work after some time and it really looks good. Am gona try to test as much class as I can but I am starting to wonder something.

Why was it abandon or fell abandon? It give realy nice effect and I could not find anything else like that in JME. Am I missing something?

Okay, so I found the ShaderBlow in an old Google code repository and download it whit all the tests and assets. Not sure if I was suppose to do that, but it’s done anyway xD.

Tho some examples work, most don’t. Yet it seems only a few class cause problems, and as most examples been marked as done between 2009-2012, ill guess they just ain’t up to date. I’ll come back after some testing on my own stuff.

But really, as much as I enjoy searching this whole thing as if it was some ruin of a lost civilisation, could someone tell me why was it abandon (because it clearly was) and what alternative does JME have now? Cause really this stuff is rich and still the top searching results for many subjects, yet none of the tests are available on the site as far as I could find and the page is full of broken links and missing information :confused:

It isn’t/wasn’t maintained by the core developers so I guess the developers who made it got busy, fell off the earth, or some other thing that took their time away.

Sad really :confused: But i can underthand, we all have things to do and places to be x)

But that mean JME don’t have an active shader effect developpement right now? So everything done is done from scratch?

Yeah, I guess most games end up writing their own anyway at some point. Or they can translate what was left behind.

Alright fair enouf, i’ll do just that then x) But would it be possible to put the ShaderBlow exemple somewhere? Cause really this is a waste of cool feature. Plus its the first result on google when i seacrh for a few things.

After more testing it seem like the recuring problem is whit those 2 lines :

       SkeletonControl skeletonControl = char_boy1.getControl(SkeletonControl.class);

It will always return a null and the animation still work whiout it. Theire is also an old

 this.assetManager.registerLocator("assets", FileLocator.class);     

that need suppresion but except that, it work like a charm

So would it be possible or not? To remake the page? I could easely enouf modify the test class so they would be up-to-date, and replace the used model by oto so it would not need to be dowloaded. Then the only thing that would be require to dowload from the site are the jar itself and some jpg.

i’ll post some gif of the whole thing soon enouf, but realy I its rather easy too use and impressive, and am pretty sure a few people could use those visuals.

Hi @SimonBedard,
Sorry for the delay. Shaderblow page is here. Not sure if there is some broken code since 3.1 came out

I have started to refactoring the entire library but I’ve been really busy the last year or so. I guess @mifth is very busy too.
I moved shaderblow plugin (library code) to github. I need to continue working on that. Just fixed a couple of minor issues. My idea is to update the main code and put all the examples in a diferent project as a separate project (similar to JME3 Tests). If you want to help feel free to do so. Send me your github username and I will add you as a colaborator.
I also started to build a SDK plugin in order to integrate shaderblow to scene explorer / filter explorer. Check here

I made a rim light shader a while back, the forum page looks all screwyI may fix it later …

The account name is JavaKhanStudio, not sure if I’ll have time to do much, but I would sure love to help x)

As I said the shaderBlow page is broken, and most of the examples of it don’t work anymore. Plus, it sadly misses some of the best stuff (the electricity one is just amazing, can’t wait to find some time to show you guys the results)

As I said, if I can do anything, just tell, because I’ll surely use this shader quite a lot and might as well help x)