ROAM and procedural meshes help

I am looking to start working on something akin to this

however, I need a little help.

I am very new to this algorithim stuff, and it goes to low level JME code, so my basic first question is, when transfered from this guys code to java, how do I access and work with such variables as

class cLoDTri;
  dVector p[3]; //points
  cLoDTri* e[3]; //edges
  cLoDTri* pParent; //parent
  cLoDTri* child[4]; //children

or gain access to the triangles, verticies, and edges of triangles for a mesh?

Thanks so much!

Have a look at some shape-classes (e.g. quad's updateGeometry). You have a vertexbuffer,normalbuffer, indexbuffer which you have to fill with your geometry-data.