ROAM Terrain

Hi There

Has anybody already done something like a ROAM-Based Terrain?

Like ONeil: A Real-Time Procedural Universe, Part Two: Rendering Planetary Bodies

or Turner: Real-Time Dynamic Level of Detail Terrain Rendering with ROAM

or this one: Procedural Planets

Theres a AreaClodMesh and even TerrainBlocks (which inherit AreaClodMesh) in JME - so porting ONeils Source to JME should be the last option i think, but i tend toward to do it.

Can AreaClodMesh be adapted / used as base for a ROAM algorithmus? I looked at the classes after reading those articles mentioned above and i cant find similarities so i dont know where to start with AreaClodMesh…

I saw other threads around this like:

Terrainblocks on a Sphere by Dougnukem  and beamanbr, but if i see the frames i think “bending” Terrainblocks to do sth they weren’t intended to is not a solution…

@MrCoder (again :wink: ): In your video (linked in Atmospheric Scattering Thread) on YouTube, it looks like you have a terrain on a sphere mapped with LOD - can you remember your approach? How did you do it?

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