Robot Game Project

Project name: Robot Game Project

Game Type: 3rd person shooter


License:  not decided yet

Recruiting: yes

Contact:  mazander

Status:  active

Demo:  On homepage, please read the game controls before starting. Have fun  :smiley:



This game is about warrior robot league in future on distance planet. Robot fights against each others in matches. The last rolling robot is the winner of the match and the player gets some money. After each match players can fix and upgrade theirs robots. In a match players navigate and control their warrior robots. The robots are built from guns and other parts that players can add and remove. Guns and parts can be taken from destroyed robot during the match.

Used API’s:

  • jME2

  • jBullet

Active Members:

Name Role Status
mazander Project Leader Active

Screen Shot:

Nice use of particle system and physics, looks good.

hehe thats really cool, can you make a webstart sometime ?

That looks really fun, great job.

very nice !    :wink:

thats awesome

wow i like the concept !! i laughed at the baby robot :wink:

I’m back in the robot game project. The project page on this forum is updated and the project has now homepage. I’m now recruiting developers. The game license is still not decided.


There is also Webstart demo (November 2009 version) if you want to try the game. Please read the game controls before that. The AI robots are set friendly and they are shooting you, so you can try things freely.


Game Controls

    * Shoot: Space

    * Move Cross Hair: Move mouse

    * Turn Camera: Drag with mouse middle button

    * Zoom Camera: Mouse wheel

    * Change Navigation Point: Mouse Left Click

    * Drop Part from Robot: Drag with mouse right button starting from component

    * Add Part to Robot: Drag with mouse right button starting from part ending to connection position

Screen shot (November 2009 version)

Nice one.

I think it was your video on youtube that gave me the push to do jbullet-jme after I saw how nice things seemed to work out with that combination. Sad the webstart is Java 1.6 only, so I cannot try t.t

Looks great. The jws program raises an exception for me (winxp sp3, Sun Java SE 6 1.6.0_18):

Exception: Cannot load resource:

Wrapped exception:
Caused by:

Thanks for testing the Webstart pgi and normen.

There was a stupid typo jnlp. Now it should work. I also tried to make it work with Java 1.5, but I have not tested it, because I have not the Java 1.5 on my Ubuntu.

Tested on Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit, what a smooth ride! :smiley: Sad that I never noticed this game here before, it's really well done mate. I'd reckon this is far enough into development that you could even find a decent asset artist to beef up the contents a bit. That is, if you have a proper asset pipeline in place already.

I turned on sound and music, but I suppose those aren't in yet then eh? You can find a lot of cool free stuff for that these days so I hope you'll try just put something in there for the next release :slight_smile:

Works perfectly now.

At first It's a bit challenging to control the robot but i think handling it's part of the fun.

very nice but on my pc everything is too black!! please some colour/brightness setting?

Edit: webstart work fine in fedora 12 32bit with openjdk

Webstart works fine now on MacOSX 10.5 with 32bit Java 1.5.

Great, it also works for me (Linux, nVidia Quadro, x86_64, IcedTea JDK)

Excellent job!

I have been working on few new levels: sphere, rounded cube, torus and ring world. I have set the gravitation of JBullet to zero vector and implemented custom gravitation for each level. Because gravitation direction vector depends on the location e.g. the sphere level has gravitaion towards the center of the sphere.

All things works nice, but the camera is problematic. In flat levels I have used ChaseCamera, but it does’t work when the upvector changes all the time. Do you fellows have any idea how to implement chase camera that supports any upvector?

Wall-E gets hurt by four miniguns  :D. Camera should be behind the shooting robot.

Still recruting? :smiley: