Robot Simulation


I’am new to jME and would like to use it for robot simulation. My intention
is to test some walking methods and use jME for simple visualization (wire frame only)
and Bullet for physics simulation.

The robot consist of a rectangular chassis and 6 legs. A leg have 3 servo motors,
one for rotating along the y axis (hip) and two along the z axis (knee and foot).
That you can imagine, here is an illustration:

Robot with 6 legs and a rectangular chassis

I hope you have some tips for me to implement the intent:


  • PlaneCollisionShape
  • RigidBodyControl with zero mass to make it solid

But what is with the legs? I’ve seen the class HingeJoint that
looks right for the servo motors (one HingeJoint for each hip, knee and foot).
The foot (not the foot joint) can have a sphere as collision shape like a
a shoe, so the robot can’t fall down to floor. For each
limb I can measure the mass but do I need a absolutely a collision shape?
The hips should rigidly connected to the chassis.

Thank you for any hint!