Roll-A-Rama Name Change

I'm in the last leg of finishing Roll-A-Rama and took a second take on the name and realized how hoaky it sounds.  I'd like some assitance coming up with a better name for this game before I release it publicly. :o

The premise of this game is similar to that of Monkey Ball for those who have played it.  Except this is on the computer and multiplayer over the internet.  Additionally, the games are very different.  In the final release of the game I intend to have soccer, football, basketball, possession (hold onto the ball as long as you can), capture the flag, and a few others.  The initial release will only contain soccer.  In all games you'll be able to roll around seeing your ball from a third-person perspective.  You'll have the ability to jump and on the games that have items that you can pick up (soccer ball, football, special items, etc.) you can throw horizontally with mouse button 1 and lob with mouse button 2.  In the soccer game it is very similar to soccer except you pick up the ball by rolling into it and you envelope it inside your ball.  You can shoot the ball into the goal to score or pass to other teammates.  If someone hits you hard enough the ball pops out the other side of you and someone else can snag it.

If you have any other name suggestions I'd love to add them…I'm having a hard time coming up with a good name.


Well, it seems like I'm stuck with Roll-A-Rama. :-p

Thanks for the votes guys. :slight_smile:


JMonkey Ball

You trying to get me sued? :-p


Renegade Speed Rolling Raideroids-o-rama

I like it! :-p


Monkey Ball* then

  • no guarantee of actual monkeys appearing in-game

hehe, every 100th game played a monkey would randomly fall through the scene? :-p


Maybe every 100th game the only texture used in the game is the famous "monkey" texture :smiley:

We should update the one in CVS to Sfera's new design too… :slight_smile:

But, hm… I voted for the RRRrrrrooooooolliiiiiiing Raaaaaaaaaiders. Maybe if I say it like that more people will vote for it? (or that other person who voted for it will request to change the vote)

hehe, either way it's losing terribly…my wife said she hated that one most of all. :frowning:


I guess not even database fraud will help it then :smiley:

I thought of "Frog Balls" but it just has such a negative connotation to it. :-p


you nasty frog  :smiley:

just imagine people saying: "i've seen the jmonkey engine guys at gdc2006 playing presenting frog balls.". yuck!

btw: i was the one that voted for renegade pinball.

Does "Roll-A-Rama" really sound that much better though? :-p  I came up with the name in like 5 seconds when I was writing a little demo to show off PhysicsNetworking and its just stuck ever since.  My curiosity is if Roll-A-Rama is really a good name or if the other names I came up with are just worse. :o

I thought "Renegade Pinball" was kinda cool - I was gonna make the balls chrome. :slight_smile:


What do you guys think of "Rolling Rampage"?

Since you all hated the last suggest of "Frog Balls" I had to come up with something better. :-p


In all honesty for me it totally depends on how you are presenting the game. Are the graphics cartoony? Are they dark and medieval? Etc.

Good point, I think at this point I'm just going to stick with Roll-A-Rama and finish the first release this weekend and get some feedback after that.