Root Node size?


Is root node size equal to scene size? I would like to make something like “chunks” from scenes. So, I got 1 scene and when player is not far from it frame, another scene is loading and here is a question, will it be another root or it will be outside root node ? (unvisible like in scene composer)

What exactly are you asking? There is 1 root node no matter how many spatial you add to it, and it doesn’t have size, it isn’t a model or something visible, it just hold other things, whatever is in it has a size, but the actual node does not.

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Though it does (or can) have a BoundingVolume… it’s a Node.

a more direct answer. yes you might probably want to keep adding more geometries to the same rootnode as you load the level. Though having a level that loads dynamically like that is quite advanced and theres a few different ways to accomplish that sort of goal.

Okay, thanks