rootNode and camera view


I am making a robot arm simulator and I need to split my window so I can show just the claw part of my robotic arm zoomed. I already followed some of the tutorials and created a new viewport, but the problem is that this arm piece is attached to other arm pieces, so when I attach my cameraNode to my the 3rd piece of my arm, it takes the main pivot point of it as reference.

My robot parts are attached like this:


and then Im attaching a cameraNode to the 3rd arm like this:

camNodeUpview = new CameraNode("CamNodeUpview", camUpview);
camNodeUpview.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(0, 10, 0));
camNodeUpview.lookAt(nodeArm3.getLocalTranslation(), Vector3f.UNIT_Y);

Here is how my camera is set up:

Here is where I would like to centralize my camera:

Please helppppp!!!

It’s hard to say without knowing what’s nodeArm3 on the picture.
Why don’t you attach the cam node to the blue thingy at the tip of the arm?

ah, sorry.
The arm3 is the blue thingy at the tip of the arm. The problem is that when I attach the cam node to it, it takes the nodePivot as reference because the arm3 is attached to it

Alright. Why don’t you just try to offset the camNode position and the lookat so that it aims at the correct direction?