Rotate a wheel of the car

Hi… im having some problem rotating a wheel of a 3d model car…

The thing is:

When i get the model's child(wheel) and try to rotate it rotate takin into account that the center is the center of the car… how can i make it rotate from a center that i give to it or the own wheel???

Thank you…

I would be interested in a professional solution too.

So far as i know, it can only be achieved if you can put the wheel into a separate node, then rotate it.

The more professional way (if using the car to drive-around) is to have a physics simulation runing. The wheels have to be separate models. If you tried JMEPhysics already, there's the, where you can see a more complex example of physics simulated car.

Yeah it did work… i inserted the wheel in a diferent node and then i found its center using a boundingSphere :stuck_out_tongue: after that i found a way to rotate it correctly…

Thank you :slight_smile: