Rotate ClipState

Hi, I create a cube and assign a ClipState to the node of cube. Then I need apply a rotation to the node, but the clipped region does not rotate.

I read this post., and renanse say that usign a custom controller may be is possible. I’m don’t know well the use of controllers, how, can implement this controller to rotate the ClipState.

I was reading about stencilState, but i don’t understand this, it does not have good examples. I believe that i can clip part or region using this stencilState too, but I don’t know how to.

I have this:

1 box attached to node, and ClipState attached to this node too. ClipState is using this vector: new Vector3f(0, 1, 0);

this is for that clip the bottom region of the node. When I press a key, I want that box move to down, this is for create an animation to hide to box, so for this I want to clip this region.

The clipState work well when the node with the box is in the center of world, but I need change location and rotation of this node.  In this case, the clipState don’t rotate. How can I fix this???  :cry:

PD: sorry for my bad english.