Rotating around the center of a spatial


I’ve created a sphere model in Blender and imported it successfully into JME3 via OGRE xml. I am aware I can generate spheres in JME3, but it’s a just demo for a more sophisticated model I’m creating of earth.

Basically I’m trying to set up the application so that if you hold the left mouse button down, the globe rotates on its y axis. The globe rotates, but it doesn’t do so quite at the point I want it to. It doesn’t seem to do it “in its center”, but a bit further out from it. (My analogy is imagine pushing a stick through the bottom of an apple just off center, then spinning the stick :D)

I was wondering if anybody could give me and guidance with this, I’m quite new to JME3. I don’t know if its something to do with how rotation works in JME3, or whether the “center” of the Blender model is not defined by default to be the center of a globe itself? Perhaps you need to define the “center” in Blender?!

I can give further detail if you wish.

Thank you

The center of your mesh has to be at 0/0/0

In Blender do the following:

  • Select your model in 3D View: Object Mode
  • 3D View: Object → Transform → Origin to Geometry
  • 3D View: Object → Snap → Cursor to Center
  • 3D View: Object → Snap → Selection to Cursor

Thanks survivor, that’s sorted it :smiley: