Rotating my phone jme3 app hangs up

when i rotate phone , my jme3 android app show me a black screen logging this:

07-23 18:36:11.440: WARN/WindowManager(1403): App freeze timeout expired.

07-23 18:36:11.440: WARN/WindowManager(1403): Force clearing freeze: AppWindowToken{487ddd08 token=HistoryRecord{48520240}}

is there a problem with rotation of phone for jme3 app in android?


The demos rotate fine. What you must be aware of is that on rotation the activity gets a onDestroy and then onCreate again (at least on my phone, but i think that should be the same on every phone).

So your app gets destroyed and recreated.

Did you test with any demo - for example jme3test.material.TestBumpModel ?

ok it works perfecttly now

dilembo said:
ok it works perfecttly now

So what did you do wrong and how did you fix it...?

i filled onDestroy with wrong code.