Rotating Spatials around another point


i’m relativly new to the jme and i tried to google my problem first, so dont be so hard on me (:

I’m trying to programm a rubics cube and therefor i have to rotate certain parts of the cube around the middlepoint of the whole cube. As far as i read, i have to use a pivot at 0,0,0, attach the parts of the cube i want and then rotate the pivot. That is working fine. But after rotating for example the right side, i want to rotate the front side wich consists of other cube parts.

How do i achive that? Do i even have to use pivots? When i detach cube parts from the pivot, they obviusly dissapear and when i simply attach it to another pivot, the parts are back to starting position.
But i want parts to rotate around the pivot, let them stay there and rotate other parts around the pivot(or another pivot).

Sry for my english, but i hope u understand my question.