Rotating the camera around an arbitrary y axis

I’m trying to rotate my camera around an arbitrary vertical axis, and I can’t seem to figure it out.
So far, I could have calculated the final position on my own but something tells me there is a better way. Instead I thought of using nodes. I tried creating a camera node at a point along the axis, attaching my camera, rotating the node, and then detaching my camera again. In retrospect I realize a few more problems with that but it doesn’t matter because apparently the camera doesn’t act like the scene graph suggests (or maybe it does, that would be good to know too).
Currently, I’m stumped and if nobody can help me within a day or so, I guess I’ll just do the math for it.

If you wnat to use own camera handeling, you should disable the flycamstate.

if you know the direction to look along use cam.lookAt (), otherwise setRotation if you know the rotation to apply. You’ll have to do some other small things as well, but theres nothing special. I suggest rereading the math/scene graph docs again.