Rotation dependant on force

Im facing a problem i'm not sure how to solve. I've been playing arround a bit with jME-physics and wondered how I could realize the following:

Say I throw a arrow from a position. Though, while throwing the arrow I aim at a 45 degrees angle, so in fact im throwing in an arc. How can I make sure the tip of the arrow smoothly curves with the arc? Thinking of this IRL i'd imagine the tip of arrow is more heavy than the rest, resulting in a smooth curve. Is this also possible with jME-physics? Or would I have to make all kind of hard formula's with quaternions?  :lol:

Any hints in a direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can make the tip of an arrow heavier, yes. But as there are no aerodynamics in ODE (and jME Physics 2) you won't get the behavior you'd expect from an arrow. You can apply little forces to the back of the arrow, though. Using the difference between velocity vector and direction vector could work…