Rotation on itself

I have one question…

I have something like a cylinder (a Node) and I want to rotate around its axis. The problem is that I don't know how I can find the coordinate of the axis because the cylinder don't stay in the center but in an unknow point.

So, how can I take the coordinate of my Node? Can I use it for rotate around its axis?

(the cylinder is a model that when imported was placed in a fixed position that I don't know, so I cannot find the axis for my rotation)


take the thing into blender and re-center it :slight_smile:

It's either that or empirically find the rotation and translation that will re-center it, then apply those to the model; then attach the model to a new node.  The new node will then have a local translation and rotation of 0.  (Although this really seems like a lot more work than re-centering it with blender)

Maybe with the mesh bounding box, you can find a "center".

thanks a lot, so with only one component in the 3d scene in 3Dstudio Max I've put it in the center of axis and it works as I wantin jME, but if I add another element in 3Dstudio Max and put it on the other element in jME it rotate on another axis that i don't know! I've tried to change the pivot in 3DStudio but nothing change.

The first element rotate on the axis I want, but the second (that is on the first in 3dStudio) NO…

I don't know…