Rotation Z Axis problem - how to rotate by two steps


I'm writting a LWS (LightWave Scene) importer. My importer has no problems with X andY axis (pitch and heading), but when Z axis (bank) is differend than 0, the rotation result is differend.

I think the reason is that in jME Z Axis is calculated as first, and than, when object or camera is rotated by Z, X and Y are calculated.

I want to rotate at first by X and Y and than, as a second step, i want to rotate it by Z.

I think i need two quaternions and two calculation. Am i right? If so, how can i do this?

Thanks in advance!

What you might be doing is using Euler angles to specify a rotation. If so, then you would have to interchange the order of the Y and Z angles to account for the coordinate change.