RotationTrack alternative


I want to make an rotation animation & had found what i want in the advanced cinematic tutorial but it seems that the “RotationTrack” class deprecated.
So, what is the alternative for it ?

after taking a look on changes log, it seems that “AnimationEvent” is the alternative but i couldn’t get how it should work.
i want to rotate some node from position to another by a Quaternion in a specific duration.

Thanks in advance,
Ali Zein

Moving and/or rotating an object over time is really no rocket science and you don’t need to invoke whole cinematics libraries for that, thats for situations where you have… cinematics :slight_smile: its mainly to be able to save these, not to move objects in every situation. The first few tutorials explain how to use tpf and move/rotate as well as setLocalTranslation and setLocalRotation to move objects. You should definitely get a grasp on these basic techniques and then create your own classes to move objects the way you want it. It will also be much less headaches later

RotationTrack/PositionTrack and ScaleTrack were replaced by using the AnimationFactory to create an animation for the spatial.
then you use the AnimationEvent in the cinematic to play the animation.
But indeed as Normen said, if you want to use cinematic for something that is not a cutscene you should reconsider.

That was very helpful, Thank you very much :slight_smile: