Rough Shadows


I have yet another beginner’s question.

I am currently trying to add light and shadows to a game environment, but the shadows appear to be very rough with sometime very little gradient.

What techniques should i look at in order to smooth them out?

The game normally uses unshaded textures, so in order to add light effects, I switched to the Lighting.jm3d material and added directional lights.

Here are the results:

On the whole scene:

On a model, using 2 directional lights.

On the same model, using an ambient light:

Using the HighQuality parameter didn’t make much of a difference.

Any suggestion?

Jme doesn’t currently support soft shadows.

It looks like you don’t have tangents generated on your model. That will cause black spots.




Ah ok, thanks!

But, I did generate the tangents on my model using the method you mention.