RPG Toolset v0.3

For anyone interested, I have finally released v0.3 of my RPG Toolset.  I pretty much started over and made it an RCP/SWT application, so I think the user interface is a lot cleaner and hopefully more user friendly.  The combat and dialogue systems are a bit crude at this point, but there’s some basic functionality.  At this point, I just wanted to put something out there for others to play with and get some feedback.  I haven’t done a lot of extensive testing, so I’m curious to see how it runs on other systems.

You can check out the release announcement on the forum I set up for my project:


And you can download v0.3, which includes an example project, from this page:


Wow, really nice! Congrats for the effort. I think you are almost done with a great structure, and everything looks intuitive.

The sample game is a great idea, it quickly lets you see how the thing works. And all the editors are clear and well finished. Really professional.

I can't see maps, though, as I get a dialog showing an error when double-clicking a .map file:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

Bad version number in .class file

Keep it going :).

Thanks!  Glad to hear some feedback on it.

I remember that error before when I was having someone test it out and I believe it had to do with the Java runtime version - which version are you currently running on?  If I compiled the project correctly, it should be okay with 5.0 or higher.