It’s not Yet An Other Other Other RPG , it’ just experimentations about the hud and inventory part of an RPG, currently using jmedesktop/swing .

And it will be at http://code.google.com/p/rpginventory/ with a BSD license.

And the icons suck because i made them, but the character sheet is great because my wife made it :slight_smile:

Sigh… I wish I could get my gf to participate in my project and create some art…

Nice pic here though… Keep 'em coming as you move along :slight_smile:

The Adventures of Pinocchio?  :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to add this into an actual game -> pm me :slight_smile:

an inventory gui is what's completely missing until now.

it just has to work

a) without the (not really fitting for an rpg) swing borders/dialog-X-s

b) have configurable borders, fonts, insets, stuff at the places the insets create and backgrounds

Guess which icon were made by me and which were made by my lovely teammate (who is by the way able to design and code too, I know I’m a lucky geek :slight_smile:

HamsterofDeath , about what you said for now we focus on these points :

  • ergonomics
  • prototyping an item system ( using things like "BodySlot.LEGS" or potion.setEffect("cast:doubleSize") , fun stuff to develop day by day)
  • desktopState <=> 3dState interactions

    But yeah skinnability would be good, it's just that we want to play more with game+hud mechanics for now.

    It's the first time I do some swing so I will need some code review about events handling before i look into insets ( had to google the word inset to finally find it in the javadoc :wink: .

    We really would like to interact with you and the others , java classic rpg, hevee if he becomes fed up of doing everything alone :wink: and others !

    and Darkfrog, I think i will add a big nose to my dummy model in reference to your pinnochio Joke  :stuck_out_tongue:
Nomis said:

and Darkfrog, I think i will add a big nose to my dummy model in reference to your pinnochio Joke  :P

Awesome, I look forward to seeing that. :)

you can now browse or checkout the code here ( BSD license)


Here are our current ideas :

  • store resources as SVG instead of png and render them at loading time ( for easing the art / dev pipeline and maybe for using some metadata in svg)
  • use an SVG Panel/Canva for the character body ( make it fully resizeable , with batik or SVGSalamender)
  • experiment drag n drop + zooming on the hand picture to drag rings items on fingers ( if possible …)
  • redo the current UI with fengui
  • experiment with configurable fonts / insets / borders (HamsterOfDeath's suggestion)

    And the identified drawbacks (do not hesitate if you have a solution to propose )
  • find a cleaner way to trigger JME events/actions like casting a spell from the swing buttons (maybe with gameControls)

hi Nomis,

I've checked out the code from your svn, compiling against the latest jme code I get the following error on the line e.getSource():

         if (this.dndConstantsAction != DnDConstants.ACTION_LINK) {
            DndIcon source = (DndIcon) e.getSource();            

so I hacked DndIcon with this to get it to compile:

DndIcon source = (DndIcon) e.getTransferable();

Got a few little exceptions, but it's running fine. Nice one!

Hi Yunspace, thanks.

I added the sources to patch jme DND ( adding the source component to the event) + my own dnd test demo.

it's just to make JMEDropTargetEvent extend EventObject so I can do "e.getSource();" and swap the source component icon with the drop component icon.

I already explained it here : http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=7336.0 and Renanse is aware of that, it will surely be in the Jme code base one day :slight_smile: