RSS feed for forum

It would be really great to see recent forum posts in my news reader. It looks like SMF supports feeds. If you go here you can see XML output for the JME forums:;sa=recent;limit=10

However, Google Reader (and other news aggregators) will not recognize this as a feed. I think it might be something quite simple like not having [type="RSS"] in the xml definition. There is a thread here on the SMF forum about this:

Would RSS feeds on forum posts be useful to anyone else? I think this is really close to being fully implemented.


Sounds interesting at least.  Let us know if there is an admin setting or update we need to do once they work out proper support.

Yes, would be useful to quickly keep track of things.

… so + 1 from me

that would be really nice to have

Actually I’ve been running jMonkey Engine RSS feeds in my Google Reader and on my google homepage.

The URL I’m using in Google Reader for the feed is:;action=.xml

Another good jME feed is the recently updated wiki postings:

If anyone’s interested in the other jME and java crap I have in my google reader you can check out my feeds and import the ones you like:

wonderful :slight_smile: thanks doug !

looks like it needed the "type=rss" parameter. thanks!

I created a simple Yahoo pipe that aggregates the forum and the wiki feed into one:

You can get the result as RSS too:

just my 2ct.

I created another pipe that aggregates jMonkeyEngine info from the web

Extended jMonkey Engine pipe:

Yahoo Pipe RSS:

Also I posted it on the jME Wiki:

LOL, ok I can delete mine then… :wink:

desertrunner said:

LOL, ok I can delete mine then... ;)

No, You should keep your pipe!

I realized after I created mine that it's useful to have a pipe dedicated to the internal jME community(Forums, news, jME Wiki), and then another one that aggregates external information related to jME.

The wiki page displays both pipes as RSS feeds.

Wow, great. DokuWiki can include RSS feeds? I have to try that for my own installation… :slight_smile: edit and it works! Great, thanks for this tip!

Should I extend my pipe with the News?

Yes you could, but now that I think about it maybe the front page feed should go in the "external news" feed.

I think the real distinction is that your feed provides an instantaneous snapshot of what's going on in the community (forums, wiki), and would be updated very frequently (30-40+ a day), while the "external" feed would contain news stories and blog posts that probably would be more like 2-5 a day.

Another interesting feed is the Feng GUI wiki recent changes:

And I create another pipe to show the Blog posts related to JME from Mark and Joshuas Blogs: :slight_smile: